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Besser Block Homes

Besser Block Homes

An Insight Into The Benefits Of Using Besser Blocks In Construction

Whilst Besser Block homes are not a new idea, they have recently become the new topic of discussion within the construction industry. These simple blocks hold many benefits when it comes to construction; although the initial cost of using timber or steel as the framing for the house is lower, the maintenance, general upkeep and associated costs must be recognised and considered. Concrete block homes offer a higher quality and more cost effective solution.

Besser Block homes are a great way to cut down on energy costs, the insulating nature of the blocks makes them a perfect building solution for those who are looking to cut down living costs with their new build.

Besser Blocks are also renowned for being fire resistant with an FRL (Fire Resistance Level) of 120 minutes. This gives a lot of homeowner’s peace of mind as concrete block walls limit the spread of fire in an emergency and also do not disrupt the structural integrity of the home if exposed to fire, unlike steel beams. 

Maintenance might not be at the forefront of homeowner’s minds when building however it is a crucial element when it comes to choosing what materials to use in the new build. Besser Blocks offer a pest resistant solution as well as a worry free resolution. Termites and white ants can be a big concern with timber homes and although steel offers a solution to this problem, it still has its downfalls. Steel is susceptible to rust and even corrosion depending on the proximity of your home to the coastline. With Besser Blocks, homeowners can be confident in their choice and even save in the long term, as they won’t run into these aforementioned issues.

Besser Blocks also aid in noise reduction. Noise pollution has quickly become a big issue in this fast-paced society; with a concrete block home, there’s no need to worry. Studies suggest that Besser Block buildings can allow for approximately 25% less noise to enter the home in comparison to wood built homes.